Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Olympics: Saudi Arabia bans women from participating

Oh the tolerance and freedoms you will see in the land of two holy places.  There is one, that's right, one woman athlete good enough to compete in the Olympics, but Saudi authorities prohibit her from the games.  She might have sex if she goes, and that just cannot stand.  Remember, in an Islamic country women are not allowed to mingle with unrelated males, else they will have sex.  A woman driving by herself means she will have sex.  Women not wearing the burqa are looking for sex.  It is all about sex, and the woman's responsibility to maintain her purity and not do anything that would inflame the male passions.  With Saudi Arabia denying a woman a place on the team, they forfeit their right to play.  We may not see Saudi Arabia in this years Olympics, due to their adherence to the tenets of Islam.

And these are our "friends" we cling so closely to, paying the jizya in the form of oil dollars.

From BikyaMasr Feb 17 by Joseph Mayton

Saudi Arabia says no to women Olympians

CAIRO: Less than three months after Saudi Arabia said it would permit women to participate in the London 2012 Olympic Games, it has reportedly reneged on their agreement, barring women from entering the Games.
The move will also threaten the country’s overall participation in the Olympics, with the International Olympic Committee saying that all countries must field female athletes as part of their teams.
The decision has been roundly criticized by human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch (HRW), which said in a press release that the move is counter to the Olympic Charter, which says, “The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit.”
HRW said it shouldn’t be too surprising, however, as state-run schools offer no physical education for girls and only men belong to sports clubs in the country.
“In fact, government restrictions on women essentially bar them from sports,” a new report says, HRW reported.
The IOC Women’s Chair Anita DeFrantz warned the country in 2010 that if female athletes are not allowed to participate, the country could face being banned from the global competition.
Dalma Rushdi Malhas, an 18-year-old Saudi woman, was the likely choice for the competition. She won a bronze medal at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics and has the ability to compete at the highest level.
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