Tuesday, February 14, 2012

“Don’t shy away from it, don’t feel ashamed by it – enjoy it, you’re supposed to.”

 Emirati Wedad Lootah believes sex in Islam should be for the pleasure of the married couple, and that intercourse is not just for making babies.  For this she is called "insane" and accused of being Satan, which begs the question; what are Muslim men afraid of?  It would appear they are afraid of sharing the pleasure, which with rampant FGM in Islamic countries makes perfect sense.  91% of all honor killings occur in Muslim countries and all of them are against women.  It behooves Muslim males to keep the females in line; look at Lara Logan in Tahrir Square during the height of the protests.  Groped by a mob of 200+ Muslim men, she suffered the indignation that Muslim women deal with every day.  Is it any wonder that Muslim women would be hesitant to just "lay back and enjoy it" when they know they are just a receptacle?

Lootah has great ideas which should be part of the greater Islamic dialogue; after all we do live in the 21st century.  It's OK to talk about sex, even more fun to do it.  All Lootah asks is to be the human being God made us as, and do what we do best.  For this she is threatened with death and called crazy.  

So goes the religion of the perpetually insulted.

From 7 Days Feb 14

Muslim marriage counsellor labelled ‘satan’ for sex comments

A UAE-based marriage counsellor faced a storm of criticism last night after she said married 
Muslim women should enjoy sex with their husbands.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, today, Emirati Wedad Lootah told Muslim women they should not be afraid of enjoying intercourse and that there was a misconception that Islam forbids married women from enjoying lovemaking.

It sparked hundreds of online comments, some calling her a “Satan” while others said she was insulting Muslims. The online attacks came after she told the AFP news agency that her 11 years as a marriage counsellor in the Dubai courts had taught her that lack of sexual fulfillment was the main source of conflict in UAE marriage“Don’t shy away from it, don’t feel ashamed by it – enjoy it, you’re supposed to,” she said, adding that she is trying to break misconceptions that sex in Islam is only about conceiving children.  “It’s also about having fun,” she said.
Mohamad from Saudi Arabia branded her “ insane” on Yahoo Arabia, while some men took to cyberspace to accuse her of working for Satan. 

“Women should feel free to communicate during lovemaking to enjoy it, otherwise it can result in sexual frustration  and sexual disorders,” she said.

However, Lootah’s comments were supported by Dolly Habbal, a clinical psychologist at the Gulf Diagnostic Centre in Abu Dhabi.  Habbal said that intercourse should be mutually enjoyed by married couples.

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