Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Everything's better with a bag of bombs

Apologies to Seth McFarlane and "Family Guy" for borrowing one of their greatest hits, but I just couldn't help myself.  Sometimes the material writes itself.

From YNet September 3 by Itamar Fleishman

Palestinian throws bag of bombs at checkpoint

A Palestinian man who was denied entry to Israel by security forces stationed at the Hashmonaim checkpoint dropped a bag containing explosives and fled the scene on Wednesday.

A explosives expert who was alerted to the scene found four pipe bombs in the bag, which were then safely detonated. The security forces have launched a manhunt for the suspect.

The man arrived at the checkpoint, located near Modiin Illit, around 2 pm, and sought entry to Israel. He failed to present the necessary documentation and was turned away.

The Palestinian left the scene, but returned shortly with a large bag. When the security forces wished to search him, he hurled the bag at them and fled towards the nearby villages.

The checkpoint was closed to allow the bomb squad to neutralize the explosives. Large army forces were deployed to the region to search for the perpetrator and his accomplices.

There are no "Palestinians" nor is there a land called "Palestine" or any archaeological records showing that there are.  Palestine and the people are a political construct created after 1967 in order to politicize, demonize and destroy Israel and the Jews.

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