Friday, September 2, 2011

Chinese Qur'ans: 72 Virginians?

Seriously, the outsourcing of printing to China has it's pitfalls, not the least of which is the ability of the Chinese to screw up the simplest syntax or grammatical structure. I would imagine the Qur'an would be that much harder, as Arabic is a tough language to interpret correctly. 

Whatever the mistakes, they are sure to raise the ire of the "religion of the perpetually insulted"

From CNN August 31 by Patrick Winn
Iran says cheap "Made in China" Qurans full of typos

Iran's Organization of the Holy Quran is scolding Iranian publishers who've outsourced production of the holy book to Chinese printers.

Apparently, their copies of the Quran are riddled with typos, according to the Tehran Times.

"These tableaus are made quite cheaply in China but are sold for much more than they are really worth to make that much more profit," said an official with the organization who monitors and evaluates Qurans available in Iran.

The official even urged importers to halt future Quran shipments from China, the Times reported.

If you're keeping score at home, China is accused of shipping out seafood laden with putrefying bacteria, toys laden with lead, totally fake eggs and, now, tainted Qurans.

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