Sunday, September 11, 2011

IDF soldiers identity compromised by Turkey, plans to prosecute in international court go forward

This is outrageous and an attempt, once again to demonize Israel for their self-defense in the face of aggressive jihad.  Also it is another indication as to why Turkey deserves no place in the EU.

Israel will do what it must to survive, including stopping any ship trying to run their blockade of Gaza.

From YNet September 9

Report: Turkey obtains names of flotilla raid soldiers

Amid rising tensions between Israel and Turkey over the Palmer Report, Istanbul's chief prosecutor approached the Turkish intelligence services in a request to reveal the identities of the Israeli soldiers involved in the May 2010 raid on the Mavi Marmara ship, in which nine Turkish civilians were killed.

The request came after the prosecutor approached Israeli authorities for the information last May, but did not receive a reply.
Meanwhile, a lawyer affiliated with IHH– the Turkish group that organized the flotilla – claimed the organization handed the prosecutor a list with over ten names of IDF soldiers that were onboard the vessel, Turkish newspaper al-Zaman reported on Friday.

"We have handed the list to Istanbul's prosecutor and are now waiting for arrest warrants," said Attorney Ramzan Turk, adding that the list is based on information received by other IDF soldiers who "regretted the incident and gave me the names of the soldiers."

Ramzan noted that the soldiers who provided the names did not take part in the raid.

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