Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweden becomes a dhimmi nation, gives in to Islamic non-integration

“It's about dealing with immigrants in a more dignified and little more civil manner,” says Malmo police chief Bengt Hersler, instead of saying "immigrants must deal with Swedish culture in a more dignified and civil manner" which would be the more salient statement to make.  It would appear the learning of language to better interact with a populace which speaks Swedish as their second language is a good thing.  However, Malmo has seen too much Islamic agitation recently, and this is just more side-stepping of the real issue.  Capitulation to Muslim requirements is just another step in the implementation of sharia, which is the goal of jihad.

Sweden, like England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other European countries is letting go of it's historical roots in the name of getting along.  Giving in to Muslim demands does nothing to prevent the spread of Islam and only emboldens Islamists and jihadists to push even harder for concessions.  Sweden will fall, just as other European countries will fall, precisely because they see the looming problem but are unwilling to take the steps needed to stop their decline and eventual takeover by Islam.

If you do not identify the root of the problem you will never win the battle for your survival.

From The Local September 5

Malmö police to learn 'polite' Arabic

Police who patrol Malmö's Rosengård district are being offered a special Arabic language class to help them better understand and communicate with local residents in the predominantly immigrant area.
So far 45 officers have signed up for voluntary twelve-week class, which will provide training on a number of common greetings and pleasantries in Arabic, the local Skånska Dagbladet newspaper reports.
No report of any training or teaching Muslims "common greetings and pleasantries in Swedish".
“It's about dealing with immigrants in a more dignified and little more civil manner,” local police chief Bengt Hersler told the newspaper.
According to Hersler, the course was arranged at the request of officers who have pushed the department to provide them with the tools to better communicate with Rosengård's residents, many of whom are immigrants and have Swedish as a second language.
In addition to teachings in basic Arabic, the tailor-made course will also offer lessons on Muslim culture and traditions to help officers better understand some of the cultural differences that can lead to misunderstandings in dealings with local residents.
We're looking to broaden our knowledge, Said Hersler.
First read the Qur'an, that will give enough insight into what Islam is.  Then start reading all you can get your hands on from just about any author of note: Spencer, Shoebat, Warraq, Ali, Emerson, Chesler or even my treatise on Kindle* and you will gain insights into the Islamic mind that should help you understand the why and what that drives some Muslims to kill in the name of Allah.
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