Friday, January 6, 2012

Child bride tortured when she refused to be a prostitute

This is one of those articles which sends a shiver down my spine.  As abhorrent as Islam is on a daily basis, there are times when the evil which is the religion of peace exceeds even its own demented parameters.

Sahar Gul, age 15 was "bought" and used, in accordance with Islamic law and tradition, for $4,000.  When she finally escaped and complained, she was returned to her husband and his family, to be tortured again until she was eventually rescued and placed under care at a hospital.  The cruelty shown towards women...a girl in this case is not isolated or unusual, it is common, and severely under-reported.

Sahar Gul is one of thousands of girls who are routinely abused for the pleasure of the man.  This is disgusting, depraved and inhumane.

This is Islam.

From The Sydney Morning Herald January 3 by Jon Boone

Tortured Afghan child bride had been sent back to in-laws
Tortured ... Sahar Gul, a 15-year-old Afghan wife, pictured here on December 28.

Tortured ... Sahar Gul, a 15-year-old Afghan wife, pictured here on 
December 28. Photo: AP

A 15-year-old Afghan girl who was nearly tortured to death by her husband and his family attempted to escape from her attackers more than four months ago but was sent back home by local authorities, it has emerged.

Sahar Gul, a child bride married off to a soldier called Gulam Sakhi who then tried to force her into prostitution, is being treated for horrific injuries in a hospital in Kabul after she was rescued last week.

During her ordeal several of her fingernails were ripped out with pliers and one of her ears was badly burned by an iron. Her husband is now on the run, and her mother-in-law and sister-in-law have been arrested.

Her case has caused uproar in Afghanistan and Hamid Karzai, the country's President, has vowed that those responsible would be punished.
But disturbing new details about how the local community and authorities responded to her abuse has highlighted the ambivalence many Afghans have over how far women should be able to exercise the most basic of legal rights.

"She ran away to her neighbour's house and told them that her husband was trying to make her become a prostitute," said local community leader Ziaulhaq. " 'If you are a Muslim, you must tell the government what is happening to me,' she told them."

The locals said they did take the case to the authorities. When the police arrived Sahar's mother-in-law tried to fight them off, screaming all the while that her son had "bought" the girl who therefore had to do what she was told.

She appeared to be alluding to the dowry paid by Sakhi's family, a sum thought to be about $4000.

Locals say the family simply promised to stop hurting her. Ziaulhaq also alleged that bribes were paid to government officials to hush up the affair.

Although she emphatically denied money was paid, Rahima Zarifi, the women's affairs chief in Baghlan province, said she could not remember the details of the case, or why Sahar was sent back home.

The abuse resumed and continued for months until a male relative visited. When he found the girl, who had been starved in a locked basement for weeks, Sahar was almost unable to speak.

Fauzia Kufi, an MP who campaigns on women's issues, said that even then local authorities attempted to resolve the abuse through "traditional means".

"Basically they wanted the relative to sit down with his sister's abusers and work out an agreement," she said.

Kufi also claims there was strong pressure not to publicise the case.

"Many people don't take these sorts of crimes seriously and don't think it should be reported," she said.

"Even the local authorities have blamed the department for women's affairs for not trying to solve it locally between families in the traditional way."

Horrific abuse of women is still common in Afghanistan, particularly against brides who can be regarded as chattels by their husbands or are exchanged between families in order to resolve feuds.

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sakeenah said...

What has happen to this poor girl is horrific, but you can't blame a religion for a man's behaviour, and ways.

My heart trully goes out to this beautiful who stood up for her rights, may Allah reward you abundantly for your efforts.

SunnahLife said...

What the hell is this webpage of HATRED & LIES?

Why are you demonising Islam?

There is no Law in Islam where a woman is bought for a price given to her family NON AT ALL, please show proof for your disgusting articles on this site!

Do not confuse backward culture with Islam!

Yes this is terrible what has happened to this young girl but it is nothing to do with Islam this is simply backward people.

If you read into Islam you will see that the practices in the religion are only to worship our Creator and not indulge in the worldly life as we All will be resurected and reap what we sow!

These bad people will be brought to account, as will everyone- if not in this life then the next.

How can someone educated be so stupid to believe that this is what Islam permits?!


Where in the world is Islam practiced properly?


Therefore do not refer to bad actions as Islamic Law because there is no full Islamic Law in this world only the animals and the plants submit to our Creator as they should!!

Never look at the people look at the books the authentic sources.

Islam is PERFECT and man is simply NOT!!

Never look st the Christians and think that in Cristianity Drinking, Adultery, Homosexuality and all other sins are allowed and then they go to church on a Sunday and this is Christianity!!

Dont look at the leaders and think that the evil they do is acceptable!!

We all have many faults, so whoever has no sin throw the first stone!!

Just because we live in a world of evil does not mean that we need to be evil ourselves.

For God's Sake use your brains and think what is right and what is wrong and please educate yourself before you start making massive sins for yourself by spreading hatred and evil upon the internet.

Open your eyes and your mind read and learn from a true source not from fabricated stupid webpages!
Read for yourself and then tell me where does it say that Islam promotes this kind of behaviour and you may find that the ones who are persecuting Muslim at the moment are the Americans invading other countries due to greed and oil!

Who is invading and killing Muslims daily?

So who are the real terrorist?

Who is protecting their lands?

Should they just sit there and be destroyed by those who are entering their lands to destroy and steal from them??!!!

WAKE THE HELL UP, because hell is real and the fuel is man and stone!!!

May the Lord, our Creator guide us to the truth, ameen.

I do not wish any of you the fire due to ignorance.