Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bosnian Bosniaks bothering Dodik

A new play by Dostoevsky, perhaps?  Actually Bosniaks is the local reference to Bosnian Muslims.  I like it, it's kind of like maniac but with a meaner twist.  And it fits, as you will see in the article.

From B92 December 20 by Vecernje Novosti

"Bosnia moving toward Sharia law"

The president of the Serb Republic (RS) deduced that this was "leading toward a creation of a Sharia state".
"I have nothing against Bosniaks and Islam, I respect freedom of religion, but it is the desire of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina to direct political processes in the country that is completely unacceptable," he said. 

The president added that this community was attacking the RS and him personally, "to which I have a duty to react, as president and politician". 

This was Dodik's response to announcements that came from the Islamic Community (IZ) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, that they would send a proposal to embassies of Islamic countries to declare him persona non-grata for his alleged activity to "spread Islamophobia". 

"The IZ statement is a political pamphlet of the lowest kind. It's proof that Mustafa Cerić is the leading political figure among Bosniaks, which is one step toward creating a Sharia state," Dodik concluded.

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Julia said...

Thanks for having Bosnia on your radar. More and more people are figuring out that we were sold a bill of goods in the 90s. And the Bosniaks and Albanian "Kosovars" have been saying it loud and clear for the past decade through their actions. (See latest Albanian jihadist in Tampa, in case you forgot about the one who shot 5 American servicemen in Frankfurt, which I mention in case you forgot about the four Albanians involved in the 2007 Ft. Dix plot foiled by a Circuit City clerk.)