Friday, January 6, 2012

Nigeria: Christians murdered while mourning their dead

Over and over again we see Christians in Nigeria die at the hands of Muslims, merely because they are Christians.  We can add another 20 to the total of non-Muslims killed by the religion of peace.

From The Telegraph January 6 by Mike Pflanz

20 killed as Nigerian gunmen attack Christian mourners

It was the latest in a series of attacks blamed on radical Islamists who have vowed to wage a religious war on Nigeria's Christians and drive them from the country's majority-Muslim north.
Several dozen Christians had come together for a meeting in a town hall in Mubi, in Adamawa state, to mark the deaths the day before of several people killed in the town.
Up to four gunmen surrounded the building and opened fire with Kalashnikov rifles, killing up to 20 people and leaving another 15 badly injured.
"We started hearing many gunshots through the windows," said Okey Raymond, 48, who was at the meeting.
"Everyone scampered for safety, but the gunmen chanted: 'God is great God is great' while shooting.
Mr Raymond said he hid under a table and escaped through a rear door. The gunmen also carried knives and machetes, the local police commissioner said.
No arrests have been made in the attack, and no one has claimed responsibility.
A purported spokesman for Islamist group Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attack.
Mubi is close to the Cameroon border and is not in an area covered by a state of emergency declared by Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria's president, following two weeks of sectarian violence.
Sectarian implies equal culpability, but when fighting Islam that is not possible.  Islam wages war to conquer, Christians defend themselves against Islamic hegemony.
The country's population of 160 million people is roughly divided between a mainly Muslim north and predominantly Christian south.
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