Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Muslim superhero to appear in "Green Lantern"

Faster than a speeding camel?  More powerful than those evil Zionists?  Able to leap tall mosques in a single bound?  Look, up in the's a's a, it's Simon Paz!!

From ABCActionNews September 4 by Jeff Karoub

Arab-Muslim Simon Baz to join 'Green Lantern' comic book series
DETROIT (AP) - The latest hero for DC Comics was inspired by the diverse background of its creator.

Chief creative officer and writer Geoff Johns used his Lebanese ancestry and childhood in the Detroit suburbs to shape the comic label's most prominent Arab-American and Muslim superhero yet.

The character named Simon Baz is being introduced to the "Green Lantern" series with a stand-alone issue available for sale Wednesday. Later, the character will become a part of the Justice League of America series.

Johns said he took cues for the character from his native Detroit area: Baz resorts to stealing cars after being laid off from his automotive engineering job.

No stereotyping here, right Geoff?

The story begins with the character's family watching the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the suspicion and ostracism that followed for many Muslims and Arabs.

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