Sunday, September 4, 2011

US tries to stall state vote on Palestine by the UN

Appealing to re-start peace talks, the Obama administration seems bent on going down the same road as predecessors past, with guaranteed the same results.  There is no peace to be had as long as the refugees demand Israel give up their sovereignty by bisecting Israel and  creating a two-state solution, nor will Israel give up any more land for a brief glimmer of peace.  The refugees do not deserve any part of Israel as their land, they need to take back what was theirs in 1948: Most of southern Jordan and a small sliver of Syria.  That was the parcel promised by UN181, and the parcel the Arab League refused to accept, as long as Israel existed.  I support the US in this decision, I am afraid we will ultimately fail in getting the statehood vote shelved, or even delayed.

There are many reasons why Palestine does not deserve to be a state, the least is Hamas and their public statements of genocide towards Israel and Jews.  How statehood could be granted to a bunch of Islamic thugs, giving legitimacy to those wanting you and I dead, is beyond rational thinking.  The UN, in the past has proven that rational thinking is not one of their strong suits.

From The New York Times September 3 by Steven Lee Meyers and Mark Landler

U.S. Is Appealing to Palestinians to Stall U.N. Vote

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has initiated a last-ditch diplomatic campaign to avert a confrontation this month over a plan by Palestinians to seek recognition as a state at the United Nations, but it may already be too late, according to senior American officials and foreign diplomats.

The administration has circulated a proposal for renewed peace talks with the Israelis in the hopes of persuading the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to abandon the bid for recognition at the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly beginning Sept. 20.

The administration has made it clear to Mr. Abbas that it will veto any request presented to the United Nations Security Council to make a Palestinian state a new member outright.

But the United States does not have enough support to block a vote by the General Assembly to elevate the status of the Palestinians’ nonvoting observer “entity” to that of a nonvoting observer state. The change would pave the way for the Palestinians to join dozens of United Nations bodies and conventions, and it could strengthen their ability to pursue cases against Israel at the International Criminal Court.

Senior officials said the administration wanted to avoid not only a veto but also the more symbolic and potent General Assembly vote that would leave the United States and only a handful of other nations in the opposition. The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss diplomatic maneuverings, said they feared that in either case a wave of anger could sweep the Palestinian territories and the wider Arab world at a time when the region is already in tumult. President Obama would be put in the position of threatening to veto recognition of the aspirations of most Palestinians or risk alienating Israel and its political supporters in the United States.

Threat noted. 

“If you put the alternative out there, then you’ve suddenly just changed the circumstances and changed the dynamic,” a senior administration official involved in the flurry of diplomacy said Thursday. “And that’s what we’re trying very much to do.”

Efforts to head off the Palestinian diplomatic drive have percolated all summer but have taken on urgency as the vote looms in the coming weeks. “It’s not clear to me how it can be avoided at the moment,” said Ghaith al-Omari, a former Palestinian negotiator who is now executive director of the American Task Force on Palestine in Washington. “An American veto could inflame emotions and bring anti-American sentiment to the forefront across the region.”

As if tensions there are not rooted in anti-American sentiment, the obvious is stated. 

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