Sunday, September 4, 2011

Water-pistol "rebels" arrested in Iran, Western morals blamed

Of course it's the fault of the West for these young people to be wetting each other, in defiance of Islamic norms.  Mingling of the sexes is forbidden in Islam, and putting male and female together when moist is just downright anti-Muhammad. 

There is a precedent for this crackdown and it started way back in 1979 when the Ayatollah Khomeini said "There is no fun in Islam"

From The Jerusalem Post August 4

Iranian police arrest water pistol 'rebels'

Iranian police have started cracking down on water fights springing up across the country with the arrests of several young men and women who took part in the latest organized water pistol battles.
A water fight in a Tehran park on Friday, thought to have been organized through social media websites, was broken up by police who arrested several of the revelers, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported on Sunday.

"Some of these rebels who intended to play water fight were arrested by police on Friday," Ahmadreza Radan, Tehran's deputy police chief, told Mehr.

Mingling between sexes outside marriage is banned in Iran and conservatives in the Islamic Republic have been scandalized by scenes of dozens of youngsters spraying each other with water in public.

Various websites have posted photographs of girls and boys in wet clothes throwing water balloons, firing water guns and splashing each other with water from bottles after the first water fights were reported in the capital a few weeks ago.

Oh the humanity of it all!  People laughing and giggling in public while they cool each other off with sprays of water.  Oh the horror!

The fights have since spread across the country despite warnings from authorities.

They are seen as the latest manifestation of youthful rebellion by Iranians against Islamic norms which require women to cover their hair in public and wear loose-fitting clothes, and where much Western entertainment is banned due to what is considered law morality.

Conservatives say the water fights must be stamped out to prevent what they say is the corruption of Iranian youths, much of which is blamed on a deliberate "soft war" by the West conducted through TV, films and pop music.

This is a sick society which needs to change dramatically as soon as possible. 

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