Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood practicing Chicago-style election rigging

From one person voting multiple times to the MB telling voters that their candidate had "died."  That one didn't last long when the candidate showed up at the polls to show he was, indeed still quite alive.  Worse still, the election committee charged with monitoring the elections has turned a blind eye to the manipulation.  

The Muslim Brotherhood, and their Salafist cronies may be squabbling, but in the end Islam will prevail, to the detriment of all.

From Coptic Solidarity January 3

‘The Muslim Brotherhood Will Become Much More Savage After Elections’

Dr. Refaat al-Saeed, leader of the Tagama’ Party [the socialist ‘Rally’ party], said that both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis violated the law during elections by using religious slogans, although the Elections Committee did not bother to reprimand or punish any of them. They utilized mosques and used unprecedented, underhanded, and devious propaganda in their elections campaign. They also deceitfully portrayed the [Coptic] Church as backing the Egyptian Bloc to turn people against the Bloc.

He added: “We need to be careful, as the Muslim Brotherhood will be become much more savage after elections.


During a phone call with Life Today talk show, Dr. Saeed added: “A niqab-wearing woman affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood had fifteen IDs collected from other women in her neighborhood and used them to vote 15 times. The Brotherhood even claimed that a particular candidate had died—and went so far as to pray al-Fatiha for his soul outside the polling station—until this candidate went to the polling stations to prove to his constituents that he is still alive.”

The leader of the Tagama’ Party said that the Muslim Brotherhood played a dirty game in these elections and should be reprimanded, especially for opening the ballot boxes and fiddling with their content yesterday in the De La Salle School—and still the Elections Committee took no action against them.

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