Friday, February 3, 2012

200,000 messages of love pointed at Israel

This is the total number from all of Israel's enemies.  This number does not incllude nuclear missiles from Iran...yet.  How would you like to live with 200,000 missiles pointed at you every day, never knowing which ones will be launched, which ones will kill indiscriminately.The terror continues, courtesy Islam and it's requirement to destroy Israel and the Jews.

From Haaretz Feb 2 by Amos Harel

Some 200,000 missiles aimed consistently at Israel, top IDF officer says

About 200,000 missiles are aimed at Israel at any given time, a top Israel Defense Forces officer said on Thursday, adding that Iran's ability to obtain nuclear weapons was solely dependent on the will of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The remarks by Military Intelligence Chief Major General Aviv Kochavi came after IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said on Wednesday that the threats facing Israel have increased and intensified in recent years due to regional instability.
Speaking to the Herzliya Conference, Gantz said that Iran's nuclear program is a "global problem and a regional problem," adding that Tehran's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons must continue to be disrupted.
On Thursday, Kochavi, speaking at the opening session of the Herzliya Conference's closing day, spoke of the growing threats Israel was facing: "a more hostile, more Islamic, more sensitive Middle East, one more attune to public sentiment, less controlled by the regimes, and less susceptible to international influence."
The chief of military intelligence then indicated that about 200,000 missiles were aimed at Israel at any given time, adding, however, that "Israel's military deterrence is intact."
Referring to Israel's concerns over Iran's nuclear ambitions, Kochavi presented a relatively tame estimation of a possible timeline en route to an Iranian atomic bomb, saying that the project depended more on the will of Iran's Supreme Leader than on any technological advancement.
"If Khamenei issues a command to achieve a first nuclear explosive device, we estimate it would take another year before that's achieved," the top IDF official said, adding that "if he asks to translate that ability to obtain a nuclear warhead, that would take another year or two."
Kochavi also reiterated the IDF estimate that Iran is in possession of more than 4 tons of low-grade enriched uranium as well as almost 100 kilograms of uranium enriched at 20%.
That is enough of an enrichment level, and quantity to make one, maybe two low yield nuclear weapons. Enough to destroy Tel-Aviv or another Israeli city.
"If those are enriched more, to a 90% level, that would be enough for 4 atomic bombs," the IDF officer said.
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Anonymous said...

This reads better and more accurately:

"The terror continues, courtesy Zionist and it's requirement to destroy Palestine and the Palestinians."

Barry Sommer said...

Your statement mans nothing; Palestine and th "Palestinians" do not exist, they were constructed in 1967 as a political entity in order to demonize, and finally destroy Israel and the Jews. History is very clear on this point, it is unfortunate so many people have bought into the false and made-up history of a specious "Palestinian" people. If there are any historical/archaeological artifacts, money, government papers, records, writings, ruins, cloth, anything which would tie an ancient Palestinian people to the land it has yet to surface.
Islam has 1400 years of hatred against Jews, Jews have no historical genocidal command from their leaders.
Islam hates Jews, Judaism does not hate Islam.