Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do they, or don't they, only their ummah knows for sure

What the Muslim Brotherhood is ding by going back and forth as to their intentions regarding Israel reminds me of the old Clairol commercial, where the question asked was "does she, or doesn't she?."  The Muslim Brotherhood has made its intentions clear, unfortunately we do not believe that they are a true threat, and as they go back and forth, saying Israel must be destroyed to their Muslim brethren, and to the West, Israel is a "friend" and no changes will be forthcoming, we waste time and the ability to defend ourselves.  The time will come when we will be faced with a dire choice; accept the Muslim Brotherhood as the jihadist group they are, and act accordingly, or keep up the pretense that they are a "moderate" Islamic group, while we watch more innocents die as sharia spreads throughout Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, finally settling in Israel.

As we accept the MB as a player in peace, we doom ourselves to a poker game where the buy-in is dhimmitude and "...they are humbled..."(9-29)

From Bikya Masr February 1

German FM: Brotherhood committed to peace with Israel

CAIRO: German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle renewed on Tuesday his support for more openness and respect towards the new democratic Islamic forces in Egypt.

He said in statements during a visit to Cairo, where he met with the head of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Prime Minister Kamal Ganzoury, Foreign Minister Amr Kamal, and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Mohamed Morsi.

He described his meeting with Morsi as “encouraging” and said that the latter stated clearly his belief in pluralism, and stressed that the FJP party is committed to maintaining peace with Israel.

Westerwelle met on the second day of his visit to Egypt, with Tantawi, who emphasized his commitment to the roadmap towards democracy.

His visit also came as thousands of anti-military protesters continue to demonstrate in central Cairo, demanding an end to the military junta’s rule over the country.

Westerwelle will next visit Israel as a part of his Middle East tour and the Palestinian territories on Wednesday.

Tensions between Egypt and Israel have been tense in recent months following the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011. The natural gas pipeline to Israel has been attacked 10 times since the uprising, and protesters attacked and raided the Israeli Embassy in Egypt in September following a cross-border raid by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed at least four Egyptian soldiers.

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