Sunday, July 31, 2011

Congressman Ellison says Islam is misunderstood by most Americans

He says it is Muslims who must tell the story of Islam, in song, story and performance, and teach us all that the religion of peace really, really exists. 

This from the man who took money from the Muslim American Society, operating as the Muslim Brotherhood to go to Mecca for his Hajj ($13,350.00) and took his oath of office on the Qur'an.  This from the man who says we are at war with Islam.

This  from the man re-elected twice and who has no compunction in crying on the stand when asked about the treatment of Muslims in America.  Well Congressman Ellison, explain Islam to us, please.  Explain why it is OK to beat the wife(4-34) or how it is required to convert, subjugate or kill unbelievers (9-29).  Explain to us why a Muslim is not allowed to have non-Muslim friends (3-28) or that a Muslim man may have up to four wives at a time (4-3).  Can you tell us why a Muslim is allowed to lie (4-101) and why they are commanded to fight until the worlds religion is for Allah alone (8-39)?

To understand Islam one must read the Qur'an.  Then the tough questions can start, and the demand for honest answers begin.  That is where you start to understand Muhammad, Allah and what it means to be a Muslim.

From VOA July 31 by Karlina Amkas

Congressman: Misunderstanding of Islam Continues in the US

Most Muslims around the world will start the fasting month of Ramadan on Monday, August 1. In America, Muslims have been conducting a series of events to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. But, according to a U.S. Congressman, Islam still is mostly misunderstood in the United States.

Keith Ellison, a member of the House of Representatives from the midwestern state of Minnesota delivered greetings on the fasting month.

Islam is still much misunderstood

Ellison took office in January, 2007, and became the first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress. He was first elected in November of 2006, just five years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He has won re-election twice since then.

Keith Ellison is one of the many faces of Muslims in America. As a pioneer in his profession, many people ask how his fellow members of Congress on Capitol Hill treat him. In a recent panel discussion “Muslims in America” held by the Faith and Politics Institute at the Newseum in Washington, Ellison answered that question:

"I want to assure you that I have been well treated, well received. Well respected by my colleagues," he said

Islam, Ellison acknowledged, is still much misunderstood. But, he asserts, Islam in America is not something new. Islam has been in America for 14 generations. He regrets though, that throughout the world, people treated religion as their identity and are willing to kill or die over the identity associated with religion, not the faith, but religious identity.

"If you use your religion as an identity as opposed to a path to divine, inspirations and guidance, then you are no different than Crips and Bloods [gangs]," he said. "And I want to say that I mean that."

Islam requires that you as a Muslim are devoted 100% to Islam, Muhammad and Allah first, over and above anything else.  Being a Muslim is your identity, nothing else matters or is allowed to interfere with that label.  You are Muslim and no one can question or challenge that stance.  You are Islam, you are Muslim, you are NOT American.

Make this world a better place

Surveys show that about 60 percent of Americans do not understand Islam. To further introduce Islam, Ellison argued, the Muslim community in America should be much more vocal about who they really are, then take actions in their chosen field.

"If you can make a movie, make one. If you could sing a song, sing it. If you could write a play, write it. If you want to run for office - run, but do something to make this world a better place" said Ellison. "And then we don’t even have to worry about what religion we are because we [will] all be united in what we believe, which is service to humanity."

Uh huh, of course it is service to humanity.  The humanity, or ummah of Islam.

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