Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jihadists torch "un-Islamic" clothing in Pakistan

"Thousands of meters" of cloth was burned because it was too thin to cover a Muslim properly.  Hard work, sweat and time, all down the drain because jihadists didn't like the thread count.  How about putting layers of this too-thin cloth together to make it appropriate for wearing, or was that thinking too much?  It is easier to destroy in order to teach than make use of a less than desirable item.  A sad but truthful reality among Muslims world-wide is that they are at the mercy of those who claim to be acting according to the Qur'an and hadiths of Muhammad.  Clothing not withstanding, Islam demands total obedience in all aspects of life, business and family.  Nothing short of complete submission is allowed, and any deviation is treated as these bolts of cloth were. 

From DAWN July 26

Pakistan Taliban make bonfire of ‘un-Islamic’ cloth

PESHAWAR, Pakistan: A Taliban group in Pakistan on Tuesday burned a huge quantity of cloth taken from shopkeepers, saying it was too thin to be made into suitably modest garments, officials said.

The Islamist extremists stormed shops in Wana, the main town of the lawless South Waziristan tribal region, which borders Afghanistan, and made a bonfire of the cloth in a public area near the bazaar.

Shopkeeper Rahimullah Khan told AFP that at least eight armed men burst into his premises and took away bundles of raw cloth that they said was too thin to make respectable clothing.

“They said it was un-Islamic to wear clothes that don’t properly cover the human body,” Khan said.

A local official in Wana who declined to be named said the perpetrators were local Taliban, adding that shop owners calculated thousands of metres of material had been destroyed.

“The men confiscated big bundles of raw cloth which they declared was too thin to wear from dozens of shopkeepers in the main bazaar and burnt them,” he told AFP.

“They had warned shopkeepers almost a week ago to stop selling un-Islamic cloth. Today, the militants stormed the shops and confiscated the rolls.”

Taliban militants in Pakistan have often targeted shops selling music and films that they say break Islamic moral codes.

At this rate the populace will end up sitting around quietly, staring at each other naked.

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