Sunday, July 24, 2011

More on the Bima school bomb-making class

First a teacher and student are killed when the bomb goes off prematurely.  Then the authorities find ready-to-go bombs at the school, now the principal has been arrested for being a jihadist.  Seems there is a lot of misunderstanding going on at that school, don't they know Islam is a religion of peace?

From AsiaNews July 23 by Mathias Hariyadi

Principal in Islamic school in Bima arrested for terrorism

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Indonesian police identified Abrory M. Ali, principal of an Islamic school (pesantren) in Bima, as a terrorist affiliated with Jamaah Ashorut Tauhid (JAT) and arrested him. He is suspected of involvement in a larger terror plot, police spokesman Brig Gen Untung Yoga Ana said. On 12 July, an explosion occurred in Umar bin Khattab School in Bima (West Nusa Tenggara Province) that left one person dead. Police said students were making bombs for an attack.

Together with Ali, police named other terrorist suspects: Rahmat Ibnu, 36, Rahmat Hidayat, 22, and Mustaqim Abdullah, 17. Two other men, Anas and Heri, are still at large.

During their manhunt, on Bima hills, police found 26 homemade bombs, most of them ready for use, perhaps against police stations in the province.

JAT’s spokesman Sonhadi denied any connection between Abrory M Ali and his organisation. “Ali left JAT more than a year ago because he no longer felt ‘in line’ with the struggle we pursue.”

However, Ansyad Mbaai, the chief of Indonesia’s most influential anti-terror agency (BNPT), said that Abrory M Ali was involved in a string of terror acts in Poso.

Meanwhile, Provincial Governor M Zainul Majdi said that Umar bin Khattab is not an Islamic school. “All we found [in the school] are weapons. The structure passes itself off as an Islamic school only to attract Muslim residents.”

Of course, my local Presbyterian Church, at their middle school has closets full of automatic weapons to defend themselves against those pesky Mennonites, no doubt.

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