Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christians in Nigeria warned not to oppose sharia finance or else they will "...face the full wrath of their anger..."

You see, this is exactly how Islam works: impose sharia laws and then threaten those who would oppose with violence.  Sounds way too much like the Mafia, doesn't it?

Sharia finance is a first step to full sharia law, which is the ultimate goal of Islam and jihadists.

From The Nation July 25 by Tony Akowe

Muslim group says no going back on Islamic Banking

A Muslim group in the North yesterday threatened to defend the implementation of the Islamic Banking system with the last drop of their blood. It warned the Christian community opposed to it to back off or face the full wrath of their anger.

The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria told reporters at the end of its meeting in Kaduna last night that it would rather go to war than give up their agitation for Islamic banking. It said since Islamic banking has been implemented in Britain and other Christian-dominated countries, there is no reason why it cannot be implemented in Nigeria.

President of the group, Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, who read the communiqué, warned Christians to drop their opposition to the interest-free Islamic banks in Nigeria.

Datti said: “We are very happy that with a lot of efforts Jaiz Bank has now become a reality. The company owning Jaiz has assured us that the bank is coming in September and they have assured us that they will be starting with three branches, namely Abuja, Kaduna and Kano. And they will continue to open the branches rapidly thereafter.

“I want to assure them that nothing can stop the Jaiz bank from coming into been because it’s being brought in according to the laws of Nigeria. There is nothing illegal about it. If they have a Christian bank that they want to establish, they have the freedom to bring it to the Central bank and if they can prove their case, a Christian bank will be opened.

Doubtful, as a Christian bank would not operate under sharia finance rules; no interest on loans.  Proving their case amounts to giving in to sharia finance law, and that Christians are not going to do that.  So, no Christian banks in Nigeria.

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