Sunday, July 17, 2011

Muslim tries to get 13 knives on a plane

Amr Gamal Shedid says he is just a collector of knives, thus the number of blades confiscated from him.  I guess he could have mailed them to where he was going and avoide the security screening, but was he really taking them from point A to point B and did anyone bother to ask a few simple questions of him, in order to determine if indeed he may be a threat?

No mention in the article of Shedid's belief system, or even if he is a Muslim.  If this was a crime perpetrated by a fundamentalist Chritian you can bet the farm the story would be all over the religious aspect, finding a way to tie in what the person did with the Church as a whole.  Not so with Islam, however.  Too many times they refuse to mention the perps religious affiliation or even his nationality, thus ending any chance the reader can understand the context under which the attack happened.  This is a technique used by the MSM to make sure the public can never tie Islam in with Islamic acts of jihad.

MSNBC July 14 by Rebecca Ruiz

Man tries to board plane at Baltimore airport with 13 knives

A 24-year-old Baltimore man tried to a board a flight last week with 13 knives packed in his carry-on luggage.

Amr Gamal Shedid was attempting to fly from Baltimore Washington International Airport to Minnesota on July 7 when a security officer operating an X-ray machine noticed something suspicious and discovered the 12 switchblades and a butterfly knife in the flier's luggage, according to Sgt. Kirk Perez, a spokesperson for the Maryland Transportation Authority Police. Shedid told officers that he collected knives.

The man did not appear to be involved in a plot or a threat onboard the plane. "We don’t have any indication to lead us to believe anything along those lines at this time," said Perez.

Muslims have never been implicated in bringing edged weapons on a plane, thus the ignorance and willful blindness from the TSA.  What about box-cutters?

Shedid has been charged with carrying a concealed dangerous weapon, which is illegal in Maryland and carries a $1,000 fine and/or up to three years prison. He was also been charged with carrying an unauthorized weapon into an airport and interfering with the security process in an airport. Perez said that Shedid did not resist arrest.

"Every day TSA officers stop knives, guns, and other weapons from getting from one side of the checkpoint to the other," said Kawika Riley a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration. "But it's not every day that a passenger attempts to bring over a dozen weapons onto a plane in a single carry-on."

But just in case, lets check the grandmother and the little boy, cause you just never know which one of them will have a howitzer stuffed up their armpit.

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