Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One-boat flotilla carrying weapons bound for Gaza intercepted by Israel

It's not always the big, multi-ship jihad flotillas which are the most dangerous, sometimes it's just a dinghy with two refugees and guns with ammo.  A few of these and you have yourselves a small arsenal.

From the BBC July 25

Israel 'intercepts weapons boat' in Dead Sea

Israeli authorities say they have seized a boat carrying arms in the Dead Sea and are questioning two Palestinians who were on the vessel.

The boat was carrying assault rifles, ammunition and other weapons, according to an Israeli military statement.

AFP news agency quoted the military as saying the weapons were being transported from Jordan to the Palestinian territories.

In March, Israel intercepted a ship it said was taking arms to the Gaza Strip.

It said that ship, which was seized in international waters, was carrying weapons meant for militant groups that were to be delivered via Egypt.

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Zener said...

Imagine that, a country wants to stop people from bringing in weapons that can be used against them.