Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Iranian actress arrested: not allowed to leave and blog in Germany

Previously arrested for playing a role in the post-election riots, Pegah Ahangarani is now under arrest for something, there have been no formal charges revealed as of late.  She was going to blog for Deutsche Welle on the women's football World Cup, an innocent enough assignment but the Iranian authorities don't want her to leave Iranian soil.  I don't think her arrest has anything to do with the subject matter, but is to make sure she cannot escape to the West and tell the tale of what really is happening in Iran.  She is a powerful and well-known personality, and her family is quite influential so what she knows, and her perspective, if revealed will not set well with the Shia dictatorship in Tehran.

She is also another victim of the "enlightened" attitude Islam has of women in society.

From July 18 (thanks to "B" for the tip)

Iranian blogger arrested before Germany trip

(AP:TEHRAN, Iran) A dissident Iranian actress and blogger was arrested as she prepared to leave for Germany to write a blog for the Deutsche Welle radio station about the women's football World Cup, the semi-official ISNA news agency said Monday.
Pegah Ahangarani, 27, was arrested last week, ISNA said, citing the prosecutor's office in Tehran. She had been arrested briefly in 2009 after the disputed presidential elections over charges of playing a role in the postelection riots.
Ahangarani is the daughter of Iranian filmmakers Manijeh Hekmat and Jamshid Ahangarani.
The investigation into her case was continuing, ISNA said.
What are they investigating, how they can make a case from whole-cloth?
Deutsche Welle said Monday it has learned from people close to Ahangarani that the actress is being detained in Tehran's Evin prison.
The broadcaster urged Iranian authorities to immediately release her.
The actress was to write a blog on the World Cup for the radio's Persian-language section but decided against going to Germany after being warned by Iranian authorities not to go a day before her planned departure, Deutsche Welle said. She vanished shortly thereafter.
Threat noted, and carried out.

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