Friday, July 22, 2011

How to handle jihadists with citizenship

Excellent piece on what to do when our enemy has citizenship. 

From Jihad Watch July 21 by Nicolai Sennels

How to handle Islamic supremacists with Western citizenship

It was without any doubt a catastrophic mistake to invite millions of followers of a religion that has a strong negative attitude towards us non-believers and our democratic values to the West. Now they are here; their many children and grandchildren are here, and they all have Western citizenship. When we ask them to integrate and change their views of us and our values, their answer is: "Why should we? We were born here; this is also our country." We can't send them home, and they refuse to integrate. So what to do? We make them an offer they can't refuse.

Here is a four-step guide:

1: Repatriation. Immigrants should be offered repatriation (state-paid emigration). The amount of money must be big enough to make this an attractive option.

2: Integrate or lose social benefits. Lack of integration (speaking the language, getting a job, obeying the law, taking responsibility for one's childrens' behaviour) must be made so unpractical and economically non-beneficial that receiving money for emigrating (repatriation) to the country that one's family comes from becomes more attractive than staying.

3: Stop islamization. Stopping and removing the many forms of islamization will make it harder for Islamic supremacists to practise the traditional and therefore violent version of their religion. This includes the imposition of halal food, the establishment of Islamic schools and the mentally and physically unhealthy practise of inbreeding (cousin marriages). Islamic organisations must regularly prove that they renounce any fatwa and quranic verse that promotes hate or violence, and economic funding from sources that promote hate or violence.

4: Enforce the law. Police must make the necessary effort to enforce the law and the state's ban on violence in Muslim areas. Law enforcement includes a ban of every kind of sharia court, and stricter control regarding social welfare and tax evasion in their shops. It also includes that we make sure that immigrant women are free to enjoy their human rights -- including rights to freely chose their sexual partners, clothing style and religion, and that they know their rights to divorce, family planning and police protection for them and their children. Imprisoned immigrants should be offered reduced sentences if they accept repatriation.

Offering money for leaving, making lack of integration economically non-beneficial, making it much harder for Islamic traditionalists to practise and spread their aggressive doctrine and enforcing the law are the minimum if we want to solve the problem without too much blood, sweat and tears.

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