Thursday, July 21, 2011

No apology for jihad flotilla deaths, says Israel

As the old saying goes, no apology needed or necessary.  Israel did exactly what it had to do to insure it's survival, and the fact that 9 died is to be placed at the doorstep of those who organized and operated the ships, not in the lap of Israel.  

The next flotilla has been detained indefinitely so there will be no repeat of last year.  Israel is to be commended for doing the least when confronted with the most.

From AP/Yahoo July 21 by Amy Teibel

Israel won't apologize for Turkish flotilla deaths

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel will not apologize for killing nine Turkish activists aboard a Gaza-bound flotilla last year, an Israeli Cabinet minister said Thursday, but he added that not all in government agree with this stance.
Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon told foreign reporters at a briefing Thursday that he recently held three rounds of talks with the Turks in an effort to put more than a year of animosity behind the one-time close allies.
"We are not ready to apologize," he said. "Apology is taking responsibility."
However, he hinted Israel's position could change, saying "there might be some dispute" within the Cabinet.
The pro-Palestinian activists were trying to breach Israel's naval embargo of the Gaza Strip. Israel says it imposed the blockade four years ago to keep militants from bringing weapons to the Hamas-ruled enclave by sea.
Activists who regard the blockade as collective punishment for Gaza's 1.6 million people sent a six-ship flotilla in the direction of Gaza.
Israeli naval commandos sent to intercept the ships from reaching Gaza clashed with knife and club-wielding activists aboard the Turkish vessel leading the flotilla, killing nine activists onboard.
Activists say they were attacked first, while Israel maintains the commandos opened fire in self-defense.
Turkish activists did not join a failed attempt earlier this month to send another flotilla to Gaza, in what appeared to be a sign of warming relations between the two countries. But Yaalon said major disagreements between his government and Turkey couldn't be bridged.
In what could re-ignite tension, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he hopes to make his first official visit to Gaza in about two weeks.
Turkey contends that the blockade is illegitimate and wants it lifted, something Israel refuses to do.

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