Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jihadist murders four at funeral of President Karzai's brother

It's not as if this should be a surprise to anyone familiar with Islamic doctrine, but rest assured there will be almost no connection between this attack and Islam as defined through the Qur'an and hadiths of Muhammad.  There will be tears, but no acceptance or acknowledgement that...

This is Islam.

From Reuters/Yahoo July 14 by Ismail Sameem

Turban suicide bomber kills Afghan cleric, four others

KANDAHAR - A suicide attacker who appears to have concealed his explosives inside a turban killed a senior cleric and at least four other people on Thursday at a funeral service for the assassinated brother of the Afghan president in southern Kandahar city.

At least 15 people were also wounded in the midday attack at the city's Red Mosque, the Interior Ministry said. Cabinet ministers and relatives of President Hamid Karzai had been among the mourners, but escaped unscathed.

The attack came just two days after a trusted family associate killed Ahmad Wali Karzai, probably the most powerful and controversial man in southern Afghanistan, at his home.

His death has created a dangerous power vacuum in Kandahar, that some fear could spark a wave of greater violence in an already volatile city. Kandahar was the site of over half of all targeted killings in Afghanistan between April and June.

A weeping Karzai buried his brother Wednesday and moved swiftly to give another brother a key tribal role left vacant, in an apparent attempt to pre-empt political infighting.

President Karzai had returned to Kabul after the burial so was not at the service, his spokesman Waheed Omer said. Omer added that the bomber appeared to have hidden the explosives in his turban.

"Among the dead was the head of the provincial Ulema Council, Hikmatullah Hikmat," the Interior Ministry said in a statement, adding that another of the five victims was a child.

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