Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reviving an old tradition: video murder

There's nothing like a video of the murder of Pakistani security forces by jihadists in Pakistan to bring to light the brutality of Islam.  In the tradition of the beheading videos which came out of Iraq earlier in this decade, we now see how it is those Pakistanis who want to serve their country by enforcing the law(not sharia) who are targeted and murdered, all because they are "not Muslim enough".

From Reuters/Yahoo July 18 by Zeeshan Haider

Pakistan Taliban release video showing forces' execution

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The Taliban have released a video showing the execution of more than a dozen Pakistani security forces in the northwest last month.
The video, posted on the LiveLeak website showed the security forces, all wearing traditional baggy trousers and tunic, lined up before four militants with their faces covered.
"They are enemies of the religion of God. They are apostates," one of the militants shouted as the security forces looked on calmly.
He also accused the security forces of "brutally" killing six children in the former Taliban stronghold of Swat in the northwest.
"They (security forces) were arrested in the operations," the militant said before they opened fire on the soldiers.
The soldiers cried out as they died. Later, one militant fired shots into the soldiers' heads to ensure all were dead.
Pakistani army spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas said on Monday the security forces were captured during a cross-border raid by militants from Afghanistan in the northwestern Dir district on June 1. He gave no other details.

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