Sunday, July 24, 2011

Uighur attack in China has Pakistani ties

No more money to Pakistan, period.  Stop the flow of dollars tonight!

Pakistan has dirty hands when it comes to Islamic expansion, and has played all sides to it's own advantage for years.  We have paid them billions in the "war on terror" and virtually all of it has gone down the Islamic supremacist drain.  This alleged support for the Chinese Islamists comes at a time where the credibility of Pakistan is finally being questioned by Washington, and hopefully this will add weight to the decision that the money needs to be cut off permanently.

Or not.

From The Hindu July 21 by Ananth Krishnan

Analysts see Pakistan terror links to Xinjiang attack

Officials on Wednesday said this week's attack on a police station in China's far western Xinjiang region had been “masterminded” by terrorist groups, while security analysts here suggested separatist groups active in Pakistan had a role in the violence.
Officials raised the death toll from Monday's attack in Hotan, a city in southern Xinjiang, to 18. While police shot down 14 “rioters”, four others, including two women, were killed in the attack.
Hou Hanmin, the head of the regional information office in Hotan, told The Hindu in a telephone interview that the attackers were “organised”, and armed with knives and grenades.
The rioters had entered a nearby government office before attacking and setting fire to a police station. They had taken six hostages before the police shot 14 of the 18 reported attackers, according to official accounts.
They held up a banner calling for ‘holy war',” said Ms. Hou. “The attack was brutal and ruthless. This was clearly an attack masterminded by terrorist groups.”
Xinjiang has seen intermittent unrest with clashes between the local Uighur ethnic group and the increasing number of Han Chinese, the country's majority ethnic group, who have migrated to the region in recent years. The government has, in the past, blamed Uighur separatist groups for the clashes, though many Uighurs say tensions had been driven by rising inequalities between the groups.
On Wednesday, government-run newspapers quoted terrorism experts as saying the attacks were carried out by separatists, likely linked to terror groups active in Pakistan. Xinjiang shares a border with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).
“Located in the southern part of Xinjiang, Hotan is close to the border with Pakistan. Due to their affinity in religion and language, some Uighur residents there are at risk of being influenced by terrorist groups such as the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM),” Pan Zhiping, director of the Institute of Central Asia at the Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, told the Communist Party-run Global Times.
He said Hotan “appears prone to the influence of terrorism that has penetrated the country from overseas”.

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