Monday, July 18, 2011

New convert to Islam taught his first lesson on what is Haram, or forbidden

I am sure the un-named man in this article believes justice will be served against the jihadists who beat him, yet is it much more likely he will suffer again at the hands of those who uphold the Qur'an and Muhammad as the best example of behavior. 

From The Australian July 18

Intruders whip Silverwater man, 31, for drinking

A Sydney man who was held down on his bed and whipped up to 40 times by strangers had recently converted to Islam and was reportedly being punished for drinking.

The 31-year-old was asleep in his apartment in Silverwater, in Sydney's west, when he woke to find four bearded men in his bedroom about 1am (AEST) yesterday.

Three of the intruders restrained him on the bed while the fourth man used a cable to lash him 40 times.

The attack lasted about 30 minutes and left the man covered in welts, the Seven Network reported today.

The man reportedly told police he had only recently converted to Islam and that fundamental Wahabi Muslims were punishing him for having a few drinks with friends.

Members of Sydney's Muslim community have condemned the attack.

"This criminal act has no place in Islam. As Australian Muslims we are required to follow Australian law, not take the law into our own individual hands," Ahmed Kilami, from the Muslim Village, told the Seven Network.

"I hope these guys are caught and face the full force of the law."

The victim has moved out of his home but hopes what happens to him will not distort people's view of his adopted religion, the network said.

Oh I don't think there will be any misunderstanding of your religion, Islam's punishments and justice for transgressions are well-known.

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