Saturday, July 23, 2011

More false equivalency in Britain

I realize this article is from a few months ago but the point is to show again that Islam marches on in many forms, not the least of which are the useful idiots carrying the water.

Right-wing extremists are as dangerous as Islamists and should be treated as such, says author Gerry Gable, publisher of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight.  I find his lack of research frightening, but par for the course when talking about how England is dealing with Islam and it's rapid spread across the British Isles. 

He cites 40 arrests for right-wing activity, but does not mention the over 17,000 attacks by jihadists and Islamists across the world since 9-11.  There is no mention of all the religiously justified murders and maimings done by followers of Muhammad and how these constitute the majority of attacks world-wide.  The moral equality he gives to both sides does a disservice to those wanting to  know who the greatest enemy is. 

Yes, neo-Nazis and white supremacists are a problem to be dealt with, but they pale in comparison as to strength of numbers, devotion to a God and the belief it is better to die a martyr than live as a slave that Islam instills.

Another nail in Britain's coffin and more misleading propaganda in service to Allah.

From the London Evening Standard April 18 by Justin Davenport and Ken Hyder

Far-Right extremist groups should be treated more seriously by authorities and investigated the same way as Islamic terrorism, a new report says today.

The study dispels the myth Right-wing terrorists act alone, saying most are motivated by "dangerous networks".

Author Gerry Gable, publisher of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, warns that often the extremists' actions are only discovered by luck.

While most jailed for terror or violent acts in recent years were caught before they could act, the report, commissioned by the Labour government, adds: "That will not always be the case."

It says authorities, including police and Crown Prosecution Service, have seen far-Right terrorists as "lone wolf" individuals rather than "the inevitable consequence of the activities of several, often small, organisations that espouse a violent racist and fascist ideology".

It states: "This has meant they have failed to put in place effective strategies to monitor these extreme-Right groups with a view to early identification of individuals who show signs of a transition from racist abuse and threatening behaviour to terrorism and murder.

"Because of a lack of willingness by successive governments to accept the existence of a terrorist threat other than from Islamist extremism, the growth of violence from the extreme Right that sometimes leads to terrorist acts has not been properly examined and tackled in a coherent way."

Neither has Islamic hegemony, so anything done will invariably end up resulting in the same useless suggestions and denial of the truth.

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