Monday, August 15, 2011

Another church in Iraq blown up, pesky Mennonites blamed

The article says it is "Islamic fundamentalists" to blame but that's impossible; Islam is a religion of peace, as we all know.  Maybe the perpetrators are misunderstanding their religion...i'll send the memo.

From AsiaNews August 15

Attack against Kirkuk’s St Ephraim Syrian Orthodox Church

Kirkuk (AsiaNews) – A bomb exploded last night near the St Ephraim Syrian Orthodox Church in Kirkuk, which is just a few hundreds of metres from the Chaldean cathedral, in central part of the city. The device blew up at 1.30 am and there were no victims. The damages to the church were however huge (pictured).
Today’s incident is the latest in a string of attacks against Christians and their places of worship. On 2 August, a car bomb exploded in front of the Holy Family Syrian Catholic Church, wounding 15 people. The bomb had been placed inside a car, parked near the building.
On the same day, another bomb also placed in a car parked near a Presbyterian church was defused before it went off.
Islamic fundamentalists, who remain very active, as well as groups involved in local feuds, have targeted Iraqi Christians.
With a population of 900,000, Kirkuk is located in Iraq’s most important oil fields. For years, it has been embroiled in a political fight among various ethnic groups, most notably Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds. The latter would like to see Kirkuk’s region annexed to Kurdistan, whilst Arabs and Turkmen would like it to remain directly linked to Iraq’s central government.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

And Obama remains silent about the wholesale slaughter of Christians throughout the Middle East...
The Obama administration also continues to give enormous amounts of money (our tax dollars) to these murderous and violently repressive governments.
When will churches in the United States (and throughout Europe)take a stand? When will priests and ministers here at home begin to speak out and tell their congregations about the slaughter?
Perhaps nothing will be done until what is happening throughout the Middle East begins happening here at home.