Monday, August 15, 2011

Believer in Muhammad or prison freeloader?

I sense the latter for David Millar, convicted for the murder of 82-year old Lucy Marshall and a recent convert to Islam.  His conversion to Islam seems geared toward his laziness, as he has stated to other inmates that he is happy he won't have to work in the laundry during the month of Ramadan.  He also claims that the Islamic diet is healthier for his workout.  hat may be true, yet converting to Islam in order to shirk prison duties should be challenged and defeated.  Besides, Allah would not be too happy knowing one of his disciples wants out of obligatory work. 

From The Scottish Sun August 15 by Paul Thornton

Gran killer turns Muslim to dodge work

A BRUTE who murdered a gran has converted to Islam behind bars - so he can avoid work.

Evil David Millar - who stabbed frail 82-year-old Lucy Marshall to death - will skip his duties in the laundry because of his new faith.

He will be excused from work on Fridays so he can attend prayers.

And he's told pals he'll not have to do chores during the holy month of Ramadan.

The 28-year-old will also receive special halal meals such as curries at Dumfries prison.

One jail source said: "He works in the laundry but wants to use his new-found faith to get out of it.

"He's told a few of his cronies he won't have to work for the whole of Ramadan, which us basically like getting a month off his duties.

"It's so see-through."


Jail sources claim Millar - who was just 14 when he knifed Lucy in a Buckfast-fuelled frenzy in 1997 in Cowdenbeath, Fife - showed no previous interest in Islam before his conversion.

But it's believed the fitness fanatic thought a Muslim diet would aid his weight training.

One guard said: "It came out of the blue. But we're duty-bound to help once a prisoner decides to become Muslim."

I guess you are not duty-bound to find out exactly why a prisoner would convert to Islam in the first place, eh?

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