Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another faux article comparing the growing anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe to anti-Jews fascism of the 30s

The lie that there is, somehow a comparison between alleged anti-Muslim sentiment and the anti-semitism against Jews of Europe in the 1930s has become entrenched as part of the demonization of Israel and Jews. 

The fallacy  comes about because of the actions done.  Jews never attacked civilians, never strapped bombs on themselves and walked into a bar, they never ordered fellow Jews to murder children or old people and they never demanded anyone either convert to Judaism. pay a slave tax or be killed in war.

If there is, as claimed rising anti-Muslim sentiment it is due solely to the actions of jihadists and Islamists.  When we see followers of Allah shout out "Allahu Akbar" while pushing the detonator button, when we read the copious Qur'an and hadith quotes justifying their actions that they themselves give us, and when we see those of the "religion of peace" use their own women and children as human shields, it should not be difficult to understand that any negative reaction to Muslim acts is based in Islam itself.

It is Islam that is the 21st century of National Socialism and the sooner we get a grip, the better off we will be in our ability to defend ourselves.

From IslamOnline August 15

Updated: Europe Urged to Stop Anti-Islam Rhetoric

PARIS - Blaming the right-wing language against Muslims for last month's attacks in Norway, analysts are urging European politicians to stop their anti-Islam rhetoric, comparing the growing anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe to the 1930s anti-Jews fascism.
"Look at the numerous Muslim doctors and engineers from Iran, who live as good citizens all over Europe," Armin Laschet, former minister for integration in the German federal state of North Rhine Westphalia, told Inter Press Service (IPS) on Monday, August 15.
"You cannot accuse a Muslim person in Germany, who worships her faith, who respects ritual such as Ramadan, and who raises her children respecting God, and otherwise leads an exemplary civil life in our country, of the extreme actions of regimes."
At least 76 people were killed and scores injured in twin attacks on a government building and a youth training camp in Oslo last month.
The attacker, Anders Behring Breivik, said his assault was a self-styled mission to save European "Christendom" from Islam.
He said that his actions aimed to "change Norwegian society" which he saw as being undermined by immigration and multiculturalism.
Despite Breiviks actions, this statement is true.
The attacks were seen as a direct result of long years of anti-Islam rhetoric by conservative governments and center-right parties in Europe.
Several European leaders have been critical of multiculturalism, giving ammunition to far-right groups to intensify their rhetoric against Muslim immigrants.
Earlier this year, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that multiculturalism has failed and called for Europe to join hands to fight what he describes as "radicalization" of Muslim youth in European societies.
Cameron's comments were immediately welcomed by Nick Griffin, the leader of the far-right British National Party.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also said that attempts to create a
multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed".


After his country was hit by two deadly attacks last month, the leader of the local conservative Norwegian party compared the anti-Islam rhetoric to 1930s anti-Jews fascism.

"The way European extremist anti-Islam groups today denigrate Muslims and Islam is very similar to the way Fascist and right wing parties denigrated Jews in the 1930s," Erna Solberg said.

False on it's face, and misleading.

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