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Iraqi Mullah: "The mothers and sisters of more than half of your party members were circumcised. This means that you insult your own grandmother. You insult your own mother...and disregard the Sharia of Allah (...)."

Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM is sanctioned by Islam and practiced by millions of Muslims world-wide.  Yes it is not exclusive to Islam but it is a predominate feature of Islamic culture, moreso than many other Islamic tenets.  There are many leaders within Islam who have upheld this Mullah's ruling, to the detriment of women living in Iraq and the North Kurdistin region.  

Are the feminists and Islamic apologists lined up yet to denounce this barbaric practice and demand an end to this disfiguring procedure, as well as telling us that this is NOT the Islam they know?

Hello?  Anybody?


From AINA August 15 by Thomas v. der Osten-Sacken

Female Genital Mutilation 'Is an Obligation' Says Mullah in Iraqi-Kurdistan
A mullah in Iraqi-Kurdistan talked in a Friday sermon about the new bill against domestic violence that passed the parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan in June. This law also forbids the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Various clerics and members of Islamic groups started a campaign against this law and demand from the president of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Mr. Massud Barzani not to sign the bill.
The mullah is one of the outspoken opponents of this bill. In his sermon he defends FGM as a Islamic practice of the Shafi'i law school. Additionally he defends the right of men to beat their women and children.
Here is a translation of some excerpts from his sermon:
A woman has the right to protest if her husband looks at her in a grim way. Allah says if a woman disobeys her husband he has the right to beat her, but the lashes should be according to the Sharia. It has conditions. (With the bill against domestic violence) the Kurdish Parliament has rejected Quranic law. (...) The parliament has also decreed that children should never be beaten for any reason. Even if the father comes home and the girl has a mobile phone in her hand that is not an excuse for beating her.
Of course she is a girl and will be encouraged in this bad world of today, she will have her mobile in front of her father flirting with boys and exchanging love phrases.. The father must sit cross handed in front of her, he must either kill himself if he has the least bit of honour left -- saying that if he doesn't do that he will lose his afterlife (...)- or he must assault his daughter who already has the numbers of the police stored on her mobile, calls this organization or that and complains that her father abuses her. The man will be put in jail for 6 months, and if the girl is not satisfied she can let him stay for 3 years and rot in jail. They will fine him 5 million ID. Is this the struggle for Kurdistan we are doing here? Is this the religion we have left? The situation is very dangerous but no one will follow you to the battlefield. The people don't have guts. If the people do have courage I will be the first to block Barzani's path. (....)
(...)Then they come to the issue of circumcision. They have no problems left except the issue of female circumcision in Kurdistan. The mothers and sisters of more than half of your party members were circumcised. This means that you insult your own grandmother. You insult your own mother. You accuse them of ignorance. You dishonour your dead grandfather and burn his coffin for allowing the circumcision of your mother. Circumcision is a tenant of Islamic law (sharia). (...) (This bill is) to satisfy the Jews who in the conference of the Jews in Beijing discussed that female circumcision should be banned. You obey their orders and disregard the Sharia of Allah (...).
Sorry, I forgot that somehow it would be the Jews fault is always the Jews fault.
They say if a mullah, a religious man, a father, a mother, a doctor or anyone else even mentions circumcision could be a good thing for women or if a woman feels uncomfortable and says that her mood was disturbed by that statement, she can complain to one of these organizations and agencies and they will take the mullah (...) to jail. (...) They can jail you for saying that circumcision is a good thing...."

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