Sunday, August 14, 2011

1950's prison escape in Lebanon

The resourceful inmate tries to escape, using anything at their disposal.  I laughed out loud when seeing this article, only in the fact that the novel idea of tying bedsheets together had not crossed my mind in decades. 

Four of the five were believed to be members of Fatah al-Islam, a group which fought against the Lebanese Army in 2007 and are known to be hard.core Islamists and jihadists. 

No word on whether they have been captured yet.

From The Jerusalem Post August 15

Prisoners use bedsheets to escape Lebanese jail

BEIRUT - Five prisoners escaped from Lebanon's biggest jail on Saturday, using bedsheets to climb down a wall and then mingling with prison visitors before getting away, police said.
Security sources said four of them were believed to belong to the Fatah al-Islam group which fought fierce battles with the Lebanese army in a Palestinian refugee camp in 2007.
The Internal Security Forces said in a statement the five men, from Mauritania, Kuwait, Syria and Lebanon, escaped from Roumieh prison complex east of Beirut shortly before midday on Saturday. A sixth prisoner was caught as he tried to flee with them.
Four months ago two Roumieh inmates died in a riot by prisoners protesting against overcrowding. The jail was built to hold 1,500 inmates but is now crammed with over 3,000 prisoners.

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