Sunday, August 21, 2011

More rockets of peace fired into Israel; Hamas blames Israel through projection

It is interesting that every time Islam needs to attack Israel, they immediately blame Israel for their behavior, like the wife-beater explaining as the blows land, "you made me hurt you".

More than 100 rockets have been fired willy-nilly at southern Israel in the last few weeks and Hamas "calls upon the Israeli government to cease and desist in its use of its unjustified aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza and to respect international law and refrain from revenge, terror, and collective punishment tactics."  Seriously, who's zooming who here?  Where is the moral compass the West used to be able to crow about?

From CNN August 21

Barrage of rockets from Gaza strike Israel; sites in Gaza targeted

Jerusalem (CNN) -- A barrage of rockets and mortars fired into southern Israel continued Sunday, the latest in a four-day escalation of violence sparked by a series of attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers Thursday.

By noon Sunday, 20 incoming rockets had been reported by Israeli officials.

An eighth victim died from Thursday's attacks, Israeli police said Sunday. He was identified as Yitzhak Sela, a 56-year-old bus driver.

The attacks on buses, cars and security personnel killed six other Israeli civilians and one soldier and wounded more than 30 people, authorities said.

Since then, nearly 100 rockets have been fired into Israel, Israel Defense Forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Yoav (Poly) Mordechai said Sunday. At least one Israeli was killed in an attack in Beer Sheva, authorities said.

Mordechai blamed Hamas for the rocket attacks, saying it "is not a movement but rather a murderous terrorist organization supported by Iran."

Hamas has denied involvement in Thursday's attacks and accused Israel of looking for a pretext to attack Gaza.

The Israeli military has targeted 15 "terrorist infrastructure sites" in Gaza and intercepted "around 13 rockets," the IDF said in a statement.

Fifteen people, including three children, have been killed in the Gaza airstrikes, said Sami Zaqout of the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights. Forty-four others were injured, Zaqout said.

By using your children as a human shield you have devalued that childs life almost to the point of total emptiness. 

The office of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, in a statement Sunday, said Israel's "rogue behavior must end."
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