Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Zionist conspiracy: lather, rinse and your infertile!

Who would have thought that the IZCTTOTW* could stoop to such depths to make a shampoo that renders the user sterile.  If the Zionist snakes, rats, sharks, birds of prey or Fenugreek seeds don't get ya, the shampoo will.

From YNet August 17 by Roee Nahmias

'Mossad plotted to harm Egyptian fertility'

Egypt's Al-Ahram daily claims Israeli Ofir Harrari accused of spying for Israel, devised to sell Egypt hair products endangering reproductive abilities

Israeli citizen Ofir Harrari, recently accused by Egypt of spying for Israel, was allegedly involved in a complicated scheme intended to harm Egyptian reproduction abilities, Egypt's official state paper Al-Ahram has claimed.

Harrari, accused by Egypt of being an agent of the Mossad, is set be tried in absentia on charges of "spying for a foreign country with the purpose of harming Egyptian national interest," news agency MENA reported on Sunday.

Jordanian Ibrahim abu-Zaid, a telecoms engineer reportedly involved in the affair as well, was arrested in Egypt.

"According to the public prosecutor's office's investigation, 'Mossad agent Ofir Harrari' instructed Jordanian Ibrahim abu-Zaid to set up a company in Egypt which would exclusively import an Israeli hair product, for both men and women, which causes infertility. This in order to completely destroy Egyptian reproduction abilities," Al-Ahram states.
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