Monday, August 22, 2011

Ground Zero mosque financier made millions running auto insurance scam

I guess the "bridge-building" and "interfaith dialogue" can now continue in prison.  Will imam Rauf intervene on behalf of his old friend Hisham Elzanaty and explain how we are taking this out of context and that this is just more anti-Muslim rhetoric?

From the New York Post August 22 by Kieran Crowley

Mosque man robbed us: insurer

The self-proclaimed leading moneyman behind the Ground Zero mosque ran a $5.1 million insurance scam that cashed in on car-accident injuries, a lawsuit alleges.
Hisham Elzanaty, 52, ran the "highly developed and sophisticated kickback scheme" for years, Allstate Insurance claims in a federal suit on Long Island.
The scheme routinely submitted inflated medical bills to Allstate and involved illegal fee-splitting, court papers say.
Allstate claimed that Elzanaty fraudulently incorporated medical professional corporations in The Bronx -- which were then used to bill the company for care of patients involved in wrecks.
The operations were fraudulent because Elzanaty is not a licensed medical professional, as required by law, court papers say.
Elzanaty did not return requests for comment.

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