Thursday, August 18, 2011

Invasion at Israeli border, three dead in jihad conflict

In response to border incursions, Israel went after the perps and three people were mistakenly killed.

No argument from me on this, you do what you must to protect your citizens and loved ones and in the course of defense, sometimes innocents die.  Called collateral damage it is part and parcel of war.  Regardless if you like it or not, the inevitable will occur, and that must be seen as the price for security.

Israel must protect itself, in any manner deemed fit.  This latest invasion deserved a response commensurate with the level of hatred driving the attack.

Long live Israel.

From Reuters/Yahoo August 18 by Marwa Awad

Egypt army officer, 2 security men killed in Israeli border raid

CAIRO (Reuters) - An Egyptian army officer and two security personnel were killed during an Israeli raid on militants along the Egyptian Israeli border, an Egyptian army official told Reuters Thursday.
The army officer was a border guard and the two men were from the Central Security force, the official said. The three were killed as the Israeli military chased militants along the border of Egypt's Red Sea resort of Taba in South Sinai and the Israeli city of Eilat.
"An Israeli plane had been chasing militant infiltrators along the border between Taba and Eliat and one Egyptian Central Security officer and two Central Security men were caught in the line of fire," the army official said.
Three other security men were injured by gunfire and were being moved to a hospital in the city of el-Arish in North Sinai, a security source in South Sinai said.
The Sinai forms a huge desert buffer zone between Egypt and Israel, which sealed an historic peace treaty in 1979 after fighting two wars in less than a decade.
Earlier Thursday gunmen killed seven people in southern Israel in attacks along Egypt's porous border, prompting Israel to chase infiltrators along the border and launch an air strike in the Gaza Strip that killed six Palestinians.

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