Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Afghans say to US troops; stop farting, we are offended

So now we are down to this.  The passing of gas, which all animals do is now verboten in Afghanistan.  Now I can see this being a good thing in small spaces, say an elevator or taxi, but outside in the great desert air? 

More stupidity from the "religion of the perpetually insulted" and our own Marine Corp.

From Military Times August 23 by Gina Cavallaro

For Marines in Afghanistan: be careful where you fart

Marine Corps Times is a family newspaper and we only rarely have offensive language in our stories.
But this week the word “fart” appears in a story I wrote about the importance of trust between Marines and the Afghan national army soldiers they work with.
I didn’t want to write this little blog entry about farts. It’s not even on my beat. But my colleague Dan Lamothe, whose byline you have seen here quite often, shamed me into it.
“You owe it to all Marines,” he told me.

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Juan El Flako said...

Maybe the Natives would prefer that instead of "Farting" that the offending person just drop their drawers and take a dump right there, and then wipe their butts with their fingers (as is the Native procedure) and then wipe their finger off on a Natives towel on their heads. Then say, thanks for letting me use your "Sanitary Towel" to purify myself.