Thursday, August 18, 2011

A View to a Kill

It seems petty on the surface, but is it so much the cruel and unusual punishment if you cannot see outside the walls?  There is a kitchen where they can cook, and they get 40 hours a week outside so what is the big deal?

Oh wait, I forgot this is Islam demanding, and receiving special treatment, above the other inmates rights and needs.  The prison inspectors, in granting their reque...demand only opened the door to more demands, and ultimately more concessions, in the name of tolerance and respect for different cultures.

And God forbid the prison officials continue to let the jiadists "vision deteriorate" because they cannot see the horizion. 

From the Daily Mail August 18 by Jack Doyle 

Our prison walls are too high to look over, moan terror suspects

High security: Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire holds the suspects who have complained about the cladding put around the edge of the exercise yard because it stops them seeing into the distance

Suspected terrorists are complaining about a fence around the exercise yard in their high-security prison which restricts their view of the horizon.

The alleged extremists are locked up while the Government tries to remove them from the country.

But the inmates have complained the limited view is damaging their eyesight, a prison inspection report revealed.

And astonishingly, inspectors accepted their complaints, criticising the cladding put around the edge of the exercise yard because it stops the men seeing into the distance.

They men are being held in the detainee unit at Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire and are prevented from mixing with other inmates.

Some months ago, prison bosses offered to allow them to join activities involving paedophiles and rapists who are isolated from the rest of the prison for their own protection.

But this was rejected because the terror suspects feared they would be ‘stigmatised’ by being seen with the sex offenders.

Greater stigamtization than Muhammad sexually penetrating a nine-year old?  Hardly.

The report recommended removing the cladding so the prisoners have a clear view into the outside world.

Chief Inspector of Prisons Nick Hardwick said: ‘While detainees’ treatment and conditions were satisfactory in some respects, too little attention was paid to their uniquely isolated and uncertain position.’

The report added: ‘For most of the time, detainees were confined to the unit and largely deprived of contact with the range of people that was possible for convicted prisoners in the main prison.

‘This had resulted in a feeling of claustrophobia.

‘The fence surrounding the exercise yard was clad, therefore preventing detainees from seeing into the distance. All detainee unit cells overlooked the inner courtyard and detainees therefore had no opportunities to see into the distance, and some complained of deteriorating eyesight.’

The high-security detainee unit at Long Lartin holds seven suspected terrorists.

All this for seven jihadists.  Amazing, and very disappointing.

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