Monday, August 22, 2011

The 20% solution

Iran now has 56.7Kg of 20% enriched uranium, about half the amount to make a workable nuclear weapon.  The normal enrichment used for peaceful power generation is 3.5%, so the question becomes; what reason is there to enrich to 20% except to build a weapon?

There is no legitimate reason to enrich to this level, no justification from a science perspective to use 20% in a civilian reactor.  The lies are exposed, but do we hear condemnations from anyone in power, or anything resembling a plan to stop the further enrichment?  We do not, the only option at this point is for either the US or Israel to take pre-emptive action and destroy all the facilities capable of making a bomb.  If not, we will awake one morning to a mushroom cloud over the desert of Iran and an announcement that their first bomb has been tested, their next test will be over Tel-Aviv.

From The Telegraph August 22

Iran starts moving uranium centrifuges to bunker

Iran has started moving the machines that enrich nuclear fuel from the central city of Natanz to an underground bunker near the northern city of Qom, its top nuclear official was quoted as saying on Monday.

"Transferring Natanz centrifuges to Fordow (near Qom) is under way with full observance of standards," Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani told state broadcaster IRIB. "Fordow's facilities are being prepared and some centrifuges have been transferred."

Tehran announced in June that it would shift its production of higher-grade uranium to the underground facility in Fordow, in defiance of international calls to halt uranium enrichment which some countries say is aimed at making nuclear bombs, a charge Iran denies.

Too late, your secret is out.

Fereidoun Abbasi, the head of the Iranian nuclear programme, said in June Iran would triple output of uranim enriched to 20 per cent, the threshold level from which a nuclear bomb - made from material enriched to 90 per cent - is relative easy to produce.

Since it raised the level of enrichment from the 3.5 per cent purity needed for normal power plant fuel to 20 per cent last year it has produced 56.7 kilogrammes, UN weapons inspectors have reported. That is about half the amount needed for a weapon.  

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