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Palistinian Authority TV: child abuse Islam style

Do we need more disgusting examples of how Islam damages children by inculcating them to hate Jews and non-Muslims?

Were going to get them anyway, courtesy of Islam.

From Palestinian Media Watch August 15 by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

"Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Martyr's Wedding" - skits in Palestinian kindergarten
A Palestinian kindergarten ceremony included a play performed by children named The Martyr's Wedding alongside a play from the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Palestinian Media Watch has documented the frequent use by Palestinians of the term "wedding" to refer to the death and funeral of "Martyrs," in keeping with the Islamic tradition that the Martyr for Allah marries 72 Dark-Eyed Virgins of Paradise:
"'The Birds of Paradise' kindergarten held a nice graduation party... The ceremony included beautiful performances... one of the most outstanding was a play from the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and another performance named 'The Martyr's Wedding', delighted the audience by the role-play of the children, whose acting depicted the reality of roadblocks, children, occupation soldiers, and the children's death as Martyrs. This charm caused the audience to cry, as the children's performance was accompanied by the playing of nationalistic songs."

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 2, 2011]

Promoting the Islamic value of Shahada - Martyrdom for Allah - for children was very common during the PA terror campaign (the Intifada). From 2000 - 2005, PA TV broadcast numerous video clips describing Martyrdom death as sweet, and encouraging children to aspire to die as Martyrs. The Palestinian Authority received significant international criticism for this and most of the Shahada promotion for children was removed from TV. Occasionally, PA TV still broadcasts children singing songs about the importance of Martyrdom even for children.

Recently, PA TV broadcast a girl dedicating a song to her terrorist uncle about aspiring to Shahada:

When we become Martyrs,

we'll go to Paradise.
Don't say we're young.
This way of life has made us adults.

Without Palestine,
what meaning is there to childhood?
Children, you performed the (religious) duty and Sunna (Islamic tradition):
There is no God but Allah,
and the Shahid (Martyr) is Allah's beloved.
You have taught us the meaning of heroism.

Even if they were to give us this world and all of its treasures,
no, it would not make us forget [Palestine]. Not at all.
It is my country and [I give] my blood for its sake."

[PA TV (Fatah), April 13, 2011]

It is not surprising that Palestinian children today sing about Shahada and becoming Martyrs. It is a direct outcome of the many years of Palestinian Authority Shahada promotion aimed at adults and especially children during the Intifada.

Recently, a girl on PA TV chose to sing the following song, which praises the ideal of sacrificing oneself as a Martyr for "Palestine." Interestingly, the PA TV host later asked her to sing a song with different content - one about life, not death:

Girl: "I am the voice of the Intifada,
and no voice is louder than mine;
I am the last will of the Martyr
who loved death
upon the soil of the homeland.
My voice refuses to be silent.
I am the sister of the one
who adorned herself
and girded herself with death.
I am the voice of the stone and the tree, the bleeding wounded."

PA TV host: "Bravo, our friend Bara'a; that was a beautiful song.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

I can't imagine what could possibly constitute child abuse in Islam?
Since there is literally no age minimum pertaining to little girls and their eligibility for marriage and sexual activity within the context of that marriage (girls can be married while still in the cradle), since Female Genital Mutilation is encouraged and widely practiced, since children are encouraged to sacrifice their lives in the cause of jihad, since disobedient children must be murdered (honor killings) for bringing dishonor upon their family, since little boys are taught at the age of 7, 8 or 9 how to properly behead an "enemy", and since hatred of all non Muslims (especially the Jews) is inculcated into children from infancy, what acts could Islam possibly define as abusive when it comes to their children?
There is one very important, recognized "abuse" of a child in Islam: the failure to raise your child as a proper Muslim.