Sunday, August 21, 2011

US to the refugees; ask for your own country and we cut off aid

A little carrot and stick at play here.  Clinton threatens to cut aid to the refugees if they press and ask the UN to grant them state status.  The problem?  Clinton wants to try and reopen peace negotiations with Israel again, and with Islam driving the violence there is no chance there would be anything approaching a lasting peace, outside of the demise of Israel and the land given to the refugees.  

The idea of withholding monies to try and modify behavior works with some success, if it was coupled with an honest and open dialogue of Islamic texts and tenets and how those ideologies are driving Hamas, the PA, Fatah, Hizballah in their genocidial attitude towards the "people of the book", then we may have a chance for real peace.

From YNet August 21

Report: US threatened to halt aid if PA goes to UN

Associates of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad say that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threatened in a phone conversation to halt the American aid to the Palestinians if they ask the United Nations to recognize an independent Palestinian state in September.

The sources noted that Clinton told Fayyad that this would happen if the Palestinians fail to give the American administration a chance to resume peace negotiations with Israel. The sources added that Fayyad relayed the message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.        

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