Monday, August 15, 2011

Do you have what it takes to be a "pirate cultural advisor"?

Really, the Navies of the European Union are looking for one good man to teach them about pirates.  Someone who can give "...advice on the Somali pirates' methodology and tactics, which are constantly evolving."  Notice there is nothing about ideology, doctrine or tenets, just tactics and methodology.  With that mindset there is no way this new advisor will be able to impart any usable knowledge.  Maybe the new guy will be good at "Aarghh!"

From The Telegraph August 13 by Colin Freeman

Navies seek "pirate cultural adviser"

The right candidate - who must have knowledge of the "business model and modus operandi" of pirates in the Indian Ocean - will be asked to teach officers of the EU navies protecting shipping in one of the world's busiest waterways how best to tackle the growing threat.
Some 400 sailors are currently held captive, with pirate gangs earning tens of millions of dollars a year in ransoms. The job is expected to include advising naval commanders on pirates' religious practices and their habit of chewing qhat, an amphetamine-filled plant which renders users hyperactive.
But swashbuckling Long John Silver types with a knowledge of pirate lore may be disappointed: the post is expected to be filled by an ex-military figure with expertise in shipping, insurance and ransom negotiations. And rather than scouring the taverns of Bristol or Penzance for likely talent, the commanders have contented themselves with placing the advertisement on the website for EU Navfor, the European antipiracy task force based at the Nato HQ in Northwood, London.
"The job title may sound ambiguous, but what we are really looking for here is someone who can help us know the enemy better," said Commander Harry Harrison, a spokesman for EU Navfor. "The intention is to seek advice on the Somali pirates' methodology and tactics, which are constantly evolving."
May I humbly suggest Robert Spencer, Ibn Warriq, Ali Sina, Steve Emerson or Walid Phares for starters.

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

Its funny to see this post right now; I just caught the last 10 minutes of a show about Somali pirates. Perhaps one of the reasons we are ineffective at stopping these terrorists is that we shoot at them with WATER CANNONS! Yep, no bullets, just lots and lots of water because God forbid we should cause bodily injury or death to one of these blood thirsty barbarians.
Yeah, learning more about the "motivation" behind these attacks and their methodology will be of tremendous help in stopping this multi-million dollar, virtually risk free industry. Right...