Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thai jihad rolls on

Pattani beach in the South has been the center of restive and "insurgent" attacks in recent years but no one knows who is behind the attacks.  I guess Islam is right out and we will have to be satisfied with the responsibility for the deaths and injuries to be put on those un-named and unidentified "insurgents".

Baptists, perhaps?

From the Straits Times August 23

Suspected insurgents kill 2 in Thailand's south

PATTANI (AP) - Police say suspected Islamist insurgents have killed two soldiers and wounded 14 other people in two separate attacks in Thailand's violence-plagued south.
Police Col Somporn Meesuk says a roadside bomb in Pattani province killed one military officer and injured eight other officers, two Buddhist monks and three civilians.
Col Somporn says the bomb exploded as the officers were accompanying the monks on almsgiving rounds at dawn on Tuesday.
Police Col Kritsada Kaewjandee says another soldier died and one was injured in Yala province on Tuesday when a roadside bomb detonated as they walked past.
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