Sunday, March 4, 2012

"The Americans disrespected our religion, our holy Koran. This evil act is unforgivable and Jihad is a must for every Muslim right now...Anybody who ignores Jihad is not a Muslim...

He said it, but I'm the Islamophobe for pointing it out.

From Reuters/Yahoo March 4 by Michael Georgy

For some Afghans, suicide bombs best answer to Koran burnings

KABUL (Reuters) - Matihullah, 24, had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Then news spread that Western soldiers had burned many copies of the Muslim holy book at a NATO base inAfghanistan.
He gave up his studies and embarked on a new mission in life -- to become a suicide homicide bomber.
"Since the desecration and burnings of holy books of the Koran, I have been burning with the desire of revenge. It is running in my blood," said Matihullah, wearing the traditional white skull cap worn by many Afghans.
"I have two other brothers to take care of our family and I feel very proud to get my revenge."
The desecration of the Korans, which the United described as unintentional, triggered widespread protests in which 30 people were killed. Afghan security forces turned their weapons on American soldiers.
Two senior U.S. officers were shot dead at their desks in the heart of the Interior Ministry by what Afghan security officials said was a police intelligence officer, stunning NATO and the Kabul government.
The incident also raised the possibility that Afghanistan could see more suicide bombings -- one of the Taliban's most effective weapons -- by those who have concluded that is the only way justice can be served.
"I couldn't do any harm to the Americans by protesting and throwing stones," said Matihullah. "I want to put on the suicide vest and blow them apart."
Suicide bombings have become more widespread across the country in recent months, with assailants taking to innovative tactics such as concealing bombs in turbans and using children.
U.S. President Barack Obama apologized for the burnings of the Koran at Bagram air base. But the anger has not subsided.
U.S. officials have said that the Korans were confiscated from prisoners on the base and mistakenly discarded in an incinerator. Afghan laborers found charred remains.
Western insensitivity to Afghanistan's culture and religion may undermine U.S.-led efforts to stabilize one of the world's most turbulent countries before foreign combat troops withdraw at the end of 2014.
No, it is not our responsibility to understand and condone, because of multiculturalism and tolerance, a religion and society which enshrines death over the sanctity of life.  It is the responsibility of Muslims to temper their anger with a sense of self based in an inner respect for themselves as part of the greater human culture, rather than a exclusive club of which those on the outside are seen as targets.  
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best to stop insulting prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and just accept you must become Muslimn to live the clean live. No other God can you have that will save your live except Mohammed, say shahada now to live in paradise for ever. Muslims will lead by the sword, wherever we are. Allahu Akbar!!