Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nigerian update; March 11

Another church bombed and more innocents die as Boko Haram continues its march to impose sharia across Nigeria.  Its efforts are succeeding as more and more Christians are fleeing the violence.  Soon, Nigeria will be Christian-free, courtesy the religion of peace.

From AFP/Yahoo March 11

11 dead after suicide attack on Nigerian church

A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Catholic church in central Nigeria on Sunday, killing seven people and sparking panic in which security forces shot three others dead.
It was the second suicide attack on a church in the flashpoint central city of Jos in two weeks, after a February 26 attack claimed by Islamist sect Boko Haram killed three people and injured dozens.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan condemned Sunday's bombing and reaffirmed his government's determination "to end the spate of mindless attacks and killings".
Jos, a faultline in Nigeria's Muslim-Christian divide between north and south, was tense in the aftermath of the bombing amid fears of a reprise of deadly riots which followed last month's attack.
"There are rumours of reprisals from Christian youths, but we hope the security agents are on top of the situation as they have cordoned off the area," said Alhassan Danjuma Aliyu of theNational Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).
Worshippers were filing out from Sunday mass in St. Finbar'sCatholic church when the suicide bomber crashed his bomb-laden car into the gate, killing seven people and leaving a dozen others dazed and injured on the ground, Plateau State government spokesman Pam Ayuba said.
Three men were then shot as security forces fired on a crowd of onlookers who gathered after the blast.
"There were 10 dead -- seven parishioners and three that were shot dead by soldiers," in a bid to disperse the crowd, Ayuba told AFP.
The bomber was also killed, "mutilated beyond recognition".
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Update: here is more context on the bombing from CNS News  

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