Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From Islam to Christianity and back again in Pakistan

Born a Christian, converting to Islam and then back to Christianity has gotten Seema Bibi into very hot water.  As per Muhammad, who said whoever changes their religion should be killed Seema Bibi is now under the very real threat of death from those who follow Muhammad as "al-insan al-kamil" or the perfect man, who's behavior is to be emulated in all ways.  Once she said the shahada, or pledge of faith to Muhammad and Allah, as far as other Muslims were concerned that was it.  No more do-overs, Bibi was now a Muslim for eternity.  And to show their displeasure at her re-conversion, the locals shaved her head, paraded her through the streets of her village and strung shoes around her neck.  Oh yes, Bibi is 60 years old.  Isn't it interesting that when she converted to Islam, not one Christian took it upon themselves to physically attack her or demand she return to the love of Christ.  It is only Islam that takes conversion away from Allah as a capital sin, deserving of nothing less than death.

The religion of peace indeed.

From The Express Tribune March 10 by Asad Kharal

Christianity to Islam, and back: 60-year-old woman disgraced for reconversion
Lahore -- Sixty-year-old Seema Bibi went from being a Christian to a Muslim, and back, in six months – but fellow villagers did not take kindly to this change of heart, and religion.
Seema was tortured – her head shaved – and paraded through the streets of village Kot Marth, garlanded with shoes, police officials and residents said.
After receiving threats of ‘dire consequences’ from village clerics, Seema and her family have migrated from Kot Marth, sources added.
Seema, wife of Yousaf Masih, had converted to Islam six months ago, but went back to her original faith a few days ago, inviting the locals’ ire, officials said.
In ‘retaliation’ for the reconversion, about 27 locals, at the behest of one Muhammad Ayub, tortured Seema, shaved her head, garlanded her with shoes and paraded her through the village streets on February 26.
Police were not aware of the incident and consequently there was a delay in registering a case, SHO Begowala police station Munawar Hussain Shah told The Express Tribune. A case has been registered against Ayub and others, Shah said.
The motive behind the villagers’ ‘retaliation’ was the reconversion from Islam to Christianity, the official said, adding that all 27 accused identified by Seema have been arrested.
Police have stepped up surveillance in the village after the incident, due to tensions between the Muslims and the Christians, he said.
The Christians are causing none of the tensions except by their very existence.  If Christians disappear, tensions disappear.  
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