Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thailand: 9 dead in jihad blasts

The steady creep of Islam manages to kill another 9 innocents.  Thailand is plagued by jihadist attacks with over 4,000 murdered and the end is nowhere in sight.

From the BBC March 31

Three deadly explosions hit Yala in southern Thailand, officials say
Yala Governor Dejrat Simsiri said the blasts occurred over 10 minutes at around midday (06:00 BST) in the commercial district of Yala city.
He said two of the bombs were hidden in motorcycles and the third in a car.
Thailand's three southern-most provinces have been plagued by bomb attacks and shootings since 2004, when a separatist campaign reignited.
"We are not sure which group of suspected Muslim insurgents were behind this but we are looking," Mr Dejrat said.
The Associated Press and Reuters news agencies put the death toll from Saturday's bombings at eight, with around 70 wounded. AFP quoted a nurse in the emergency unit of Yala provincial hospital as saying nine people had died.
"There are nine dead now and 112 injured people sent to our hospital," the hospital worker told AFP.
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