Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Christians in Egypt teach a course on "Anti-Islamization"....wait, what?

If only.  Actually, it is Muslims who are upset at the attempts to convert Muslims to Christianity, thus the new course on how to avoid  being swept up in the Christ movement.  If your religion is so weak that it must teach its adherents how not to be converted, we have a serious credibility problem.

From BikyaMasr March 3 by Manar Ammar

“Anti-Christianization” course in Egypt aims to combat conversion

Coptic Church in Cairo; Muslims beware!

CAIRO: A recent course in Egypt’s southern city of Aswan has raised a few eyebrows after it was announced that the course would be an “anti-Christianization course” aiming to educate youth about Islam and how to respond to attempts of converting by Christians in the country.
The course, which started on Saturday and will continue until Wednesday, is run independently, according to coordinator, Ibrahim al-Etmany, a student at the engineering faculty in Aswan.
“Reoccurring attempts at the university in Aswan to convert Muslims to Christianity or provoke them with misleading information was the drive behind the course,” Etmany told via telephone on Saturday.
“We want to avoid confrontations and provocative talk and focus on civil and enlightened dialogue between the two religions,” he continued.
“You know young people could get upset or angry, but with knowing your faith, you could respond politely and respectfully to the other side’s claims.”
No official numbers shed light on the number of Muslims converting to Christianity, but evidence shows it is still well behind the conversion of Coptic Christians to Islam in the country.
A number of Muslims who converted to Christianity appeared heavily in the media during 2009 and 2010, affirming their rights to choose their faith, yet they were met with public anger, as their press interviews showed hostility towards Muslims.
“Confrontation is out of the question,” argued Ibrahim. “We are here to learn more about our religion and take violent responses out of the equation.”
Ibrahim spoke to as he was expecting the three lecturers to arrive at the train station, with the course to start after the sunset prayer.
He added that many people have expressed their interest in the course and scores are traveling from neighboring cities such as Meniya and Qena, who were hit recently with sectarian clashes, to attend the course.
“We are expecting a hundred or more people to show up,” Etmany said.
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